Miranda & Jared 05.08.17

Miranda and Jared met as teenagers, while they were both working on his family’s strawberry farm. They began dating soon after they met.  After 6 years together, this October, they decided to elope in Hawaii.   Jared proposed to Miranda last August when they took a vacation to South Carolina. They were walking on the beach, under the stars when Jared popped the question.  Miranda, said, “Yes!”  They enjoy traveling together, watching movies, being with their families, and spending time outdoors.

Jared & MirandaJared & Miranda Jared & MirandaJared & MirandaJared & Miranda

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Bridie & Damian 04.03.17

Damian and Bridie met 13 years ago working in a café in Canberra, Australia. There was a spark between them then but life had led them in two different directions and over time they lost contact.  It wasn’t until eight years later that their paths crossed again. When they caught up, they talked for hours sharing the ups and downs they’d both been through since they last …

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