Bridie & Damian 04.03.17

Damian and Bridie met 13 years ago working in a café in Canberra, Australia. There was a spark between them then but life had led them in two different directions and over time they lost contact.  It wasn’t until eight years later that their paths crossed again. When they caught up, they talked for hours sharing the ups and downs they’d both been through since they last knew each other.  They have been together ever since that conversation.

Last year, Damian reminded Bridie of a conversation they had years earlier about women proposing on a Leap Year.   So, 2016 happened to be a Leap Year. Bridie was surprised he remembered and decided she would do it! On the 29 February,  Bridie proposed with a photobook of their adventures together and a ring for him. He of course, said “Yes!”

They decided to have a secret elopement in Hawaii, and we were honored to be a part of it!

bd-62 Knots & Shots Hawaii Oahu, Hawaii Weddings


Knots & Shots Hawaii Oahu, Hawaii Wedding

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