Yulia & Dimitry 05.06.17

Sometimes the story is best told by the bride…

“We met in the library in law school. He came up to me and started talking. I didn’t pay attention to him at first and left without saying goodbye. He found me the next day in the same library and asked for my phone number.  Since then we had been seeing each other and eventually started dating.  He made a proposal on the pier in Santa Barbara two years later.  It was a perfect sunny day. I was so happy to realize that I would get to spend, with this guy, the rest of my life.  We have so different personalities – he is calm, content, knows what he wants and never makes unthoughtful decisions; I am, on the contrary, emotional and passionate, like to get into heated arguments (which he always ignores) and change my mind a hundred times per day. We both enjoy sports and healthy way of living, we love get away weekends and desserts.   I love decorating our apartment and he loves to interfere with my design by putting ugly rugs and his old books and candles everywhere. We complete one each other. I love him and he loves me is about it.”

Thank you Yulia and Dimitry, for choosing us to be a part of your gorgeous elopement.  We wish you countless years of love and laughter.

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